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Las Vegas loves animals, or at least they love animals that entertain. If you are not into gambling or eating 24/7 or you have the kids in tow these can be fun things to take in on your trip to Las Vegas.

Atlantis Marine World
Atlantis Marine World, situated along the Peconic River, boasts many fascinating Marine Life Exhibits, Sea Lion Shows, Educational Programs and even a Submarine Simulator Ride. 431 East Main Street Riverhead, Las Vegas11901 (631 208 9200)

The MGM Lion Habitat
The king of the jungle has found a permanent residence in the Fun capital of the world, Las Vegas. In the MGM Hotel resort, the lions have their habitat where they feed, groom themselves and sleep.

They also have a resort of their own when they do not feel like being on display; an 8.5 acre ranch located about 13 miles from the hotel. They are transported back and forth daily in a specially designed vehicle. Overall, there are 20 females and 11 males who are on display only a few at a time. Many movie-goers will remember the Lion Leo who welcomes spectators at every MGM movie with a loud roar.

They can be viewed through glass tunnels having a lovely time it was is said to be very similar to their natural habitat. MCM Grand, The Strip, Daily shows from 11am to 10pm

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
Mandalay Bay offers a unique experience for us to get up close and personal to some rear and unusual underwater creatures. Tropical fish, crocodiles and tortoise are all on display, you can walk through the see through two glass tunnels and watch the sharks swimming below your feet. There is also a hands on touch pool to fascinate the little ones. Mandalay Bay, South Strip. Open daily from 10am to 11pm

Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
This was created by Siegfried and Roy to offer a nurturing environment to Atlantic bottlenose Dolphins. Recently, in 2007, a baby dolphin was born in this habitat that holds 2.5 million gallons of water. Visitors are able to see the enchanting animals, among the smartest in the world, relaxing in their safe environment. Four pools and an artificial coral structure are included in this habitat.

This setup was mainly for educating the public about the dangers to our environment and ecosystem as well as researching on natural behaviours of the bottlenose dolphins. Anyone can be the trainer for a day or get a special tour for a fee. Also, children can hold birthday party and have their pictures taken with a dolphin.

The Secret Garden is full of rare and beautiful creatures roaming around. You can catch a rare glimpse of a white tiger, a snow leopard, lions and panthers, and wait for it, even an elephant. This is the famous Siegfried’s and Roys magical place, and home to Roys very public mauling in 2003.

Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park
This Zoo is a must for children and families. The three acre shady park which also houses the Botanical Garden is about 15 minutes from the “Strip”. Over 150 species of plants and animals are on display and these exhibits are open year round.

This Zoo boasts the last family of Barbary Apes to be found in America, along with many, many more fascinating creatures. What would a zoo in Nevada be if it didn’t have hundreds of snakes, and this one doesn’t disappoint, with most of them being venomous. Before you leave make sure you say howdy to the local Elvis, the 7 foot long Croc. 1775 N. Rancho Drive , Rancho Strip

Mirage Aquarium
A recently transformed underwater world that has almost a thousand types of sea creatures. Puffer fish, Stingrays and sharks swim along with eels, angelfish, tangs and sea bass in the 20,000 gallon aquarium. Different species of sea animals from Australia, Tonga, Hawaii and the Caribbean were selected for this fascinating collection.



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