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Where do you begin? This is home to the casino, when people think about Vegas. Casino is the first word association and as with all things in Vegas there is the good, the bad and the ugly, but you need to add one more, there is also the fun!

And don’t be fooled into thinking that casino just means a place to gamble, Las Vegas casinos are like townships within themselves, and if you don’t like that town you just move onto the next one, in some cases you don’t even have to leave the casino you are in you just walk right through to the next one via a connecting walkway.

Not only can you stay, dine, gamble, shop, be pampered, or entertained. That not enough? Well why not take in an animal show or ride a roller coaster as well, these places have it all

Las Vegas hotels boast over 180,000 rooms, with 140,000 of them being in the casinos.

Las Vegas casino
The strip boasts the biggest and best of the Las Vegas casinos, and the drive down the 6km road attests to this and how much, they line this famous street with their bill boards shouting out in bright lights inviting you in..”Come and play, Come and play”, and don’t worry you won’t miss seeing them as the drive is a nice slow one, due to the bumper to bumper traffic (mostly taxis and sightseers) that you should savour especially at night

We will start at the South of the Strip and work our way down…

Mandalay Bay
Large and elegant describes this casino best. You can opt to stay here in three different hotel areas, the main hotel area, the four seasons and The hotel. There are nine signature restaurants and plenty of other eateries. There is also plenty of night life with the House of Blues being a highlight. Got the kids in toe, there is an aquarium here as well as a pretty impressive outdoor lagoon, that incorporates a man made beach and wave pool.

Right next door to Mandalay bay and joined by a walkway, and shared car parking is the a little bit of Egypt in Vegas. The pyramid is highly recognizable in many Vegas pictures and it’s worth it to go in and ride on the elevator, due to it’s structure you get a side to side movement, a strange feeling especially if you have just arrived and know you haven’t even hit the bar yet!

Luxor is has good, cheaper style Strip hotel accommodation to, and it’s ideal location makes it one of the better value choices.

There are over eight ways to dine here, with the sexy stylings of Cat House being the upmarket choice. The buffet here is one of the best values, especially if you go all out and opt for the all day buffet. Something you should do just once! You can purchase and all day dining wrist band which allows you do dine anytime of the day or night (up until 10pm). If you want to throw caution to the wind and make a real day of it you can purchase and all day drinks wrist band, it includes beer, soft drinks and wine all day, with the wine being quite good. This takes care of your food and beverages all day and all you have to worry about is trying to hide your embarrassing wristband as you wander around Vegas all day!

If you want to take in a girlie show whilst in Vegas, Luxor’s Fantasy Show is one to see, good clean fun, with topless girls! There is also some comedy thrown in and is highly suitable for both males and females to go along and enjoy.

For more entertainment there are lots of bars and lounges; the LAX nightclub is one of the most popular on the Strip, it often has big name music acts playing DJ for the night

This is the medieval Vegas, where armour, turrets, knights and dragons reign.

New York New York
If you can’t make it to the big apple but want to pretend you did, use this one for your photo shoot. Any photo of this third size Statue of Liberty will trick most people, then get a snap of the mini Empire State Building and lots of other New York landmarks. This casino is huge inside and to get to the rooms there is plenty of hiking, but they do have rooms to suit most budgets. Dining is all American, with the food court being based on Greenwich Village, and thie Irish bar iw always well patronised.

Entertainment includes the Cirque de Soliel shows and the Manhattan Roller coaster, which weaves its way in and out and around the building

MGM Grand
Anything with those three letters and the signature lions has to stand for entertainment, and this one does live up to its reputation. One of the largest hotels in the world, with four 30 story towers just accommodating all the guests, then there is the entertainment areas. The biggest titled boxing matches and concerts have been held here at the famous Grand Garden Arena.

The MGM Grand ahs a reputation for having finest dining on the Strip and it boast the largest casino in Vegas

A more family orientated venue, they have the lion habitat and a great day care area for kids

Recognisable as the casino in the movie Ocean’s 12, this is not the usual Vegas style, Bellagio is simple yet spectacular. When the 1000 fountains fire up, all eyes turn to Bellagio. The collection of restaurants here is very impressive.

And for something entirely different for Vegas the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has a very good reputation, it has exhibited works by Picasso, Warhol , Monet and Steve Martin…yes you read right the comedian/actor!

If you want a classier wedding than the little white chapels in downtown, Bellagio can cater for you, with two wedding chapels and plenty of wedding facilities as well as a very nice spa to prepare in, or relax after the celebrations



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