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Madame Tussuads Las Vegas
Naturally Las Vegas would have this famous named wax museum to display all the American Superstars who either performed, or entertained or been wed in Sin City. This Tussauds is very good and entertaining; a real highlight is the opportunity to marry George Clooney!

King Tut Museum
Not surprisingly this one is located at the Luxor Casino. King Tuts tomb, although all replicated, is displayed in all it’s glory. As well as many artefact and information on Egyptian history. Luxor , Las Vegas 3900 Las Vegas Blvd S

Liberace Museum
Now this sounds more like the Vegas we know and love, what can be more glam and glitz than the great one, Liberace. All you ever wanted to know about the flamboyant entertainer can be sourced here. However, if you also like going wow over huge colourful rhinestones, or bejewelled costumes that need some eye protection before viewing, go along for a look, it is very entertaining. 1775 E. Tropicana Ave

Marjorie Barrick Museum
If you have a hankering to know what this piece of desert was before the mega wattage lighting arrived, then this museum is a good place to visit. There are many displays of Native art and craft, as well as a history lesson on Vegas and Nevada. UNLV Campus, 4505 Maryland Parkway.

Museum of the American Cocktail
Like most people you have probably asked yourself why the humble cocktail hasn’t had a museum named after it, well it has, and surprise, surprise it’s in Vegas. The cocktail in all its variations is renowned as a good time, happy drink, and who wouldn’t want to know more about it and its’ history. Everything about these pretty, tasty drinks is here, from the recipes, to the ingredients, to the shakers. The only thing left to do when you leave is go straight to a bar and have one. Commanders Palace, Planet Hollywood, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd

Neon Museum
This one is hard to miss, not because its neon, everything in Vegas most things are in neon, it’s the giant neon horseman that attracts the eye. This outdoor museum displays many of the neon signs that have come and gone along the way in Vegas. Walking along Fremont Street, Down Town is where you will catch this display.

Nevada State Museum and Historical Society
A history of Nevada is displayed here with the focus on the emergence of Vegas after World War Two. Located near Lorenzi Park, local plants and native animals can be seen here as well. 700E. Twin Lakes Drive

Star Trek: The Experience
“Trekkies” (as Star Trek fans are popularly known) in particular will go boldly where no human has ever gone before. There are several shows on Star Trek daily and memorabilia for sale at this location. Visitors are offered a behind-the-scenes look at how the fascinating props and how these mysterious stage transformations are planned and executed with fine-tuned precision daily. Borg Invasion in four dimensions (4D) and Klingon Encounter are the two daily attractions which are performed by live actors in award-winning costumes. Tourists are also invited to visit Quark's Bar and Restaurant and Deep Space Nine Promenade for food and drinks that are out of this world. Las Vegas Hilton, North Strip



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