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There is only one place in the world where you can say a wedding is easy, no fuss, low stress and cheap and that is in Vegas.

With over 100,000 couples getting married in Vegas annually it is obviously a popular alternative to the traditional wedding.

And why not, all you need is a wedding licence, this can be picked up on the day at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, which is opened for your convenience between 8am to midnight, and then find a chapel.

This is where the fun begins as there are so many choices, with close to 50 chapels on the Strip and Downtown as well as a lot of the casino hotels host and cater for weddings.

Don’t want to get married but want to be entertained cheaply for the day, why not sit outside one of these chapels with your camera and marvel at the myriad ways people have found to say I do.

Graceland Wedding Chapel
No, nothing like Graceland, and Elvis never graced here either, by why waste a great name. This is one of the oldest chapels and the building is quaint New England with the picket fence to match. It seats 30. 619 Las Vegas Blvd S

Little Chapel of Flowers
Don’t be fooled by the name as this is quite a large set up. There are three chapels here of various sizes and stylings, as well as the option for an outdoor ceremony under the Gazebo. You can also have the reception here. 1717 Las Vegas Blvd

Little White Wedding Chapel
For the true Vegas wedding experience with all the kitch thrown in free, the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip is where it’s at. Opening 24 hours a day , you can get married at any time the mood strikes. Still find that you haven’t got time for all the fuss then opt for the drive though service, for $25 you are not going to get a cheaper ceremony anywhere.

Candlelight Wedding Chapel
Heres’ a new concept, why not line up and wait your turn to get married! Due to this being Vegas’ busiest wedding chapel, it’s a case of take a number and wait your turn. This tiny chapel is very popular with the celebrities, due to it’s elegance and romantic feel. 2855 Las Vegas Blvd

Chapel of the Bells
If you like to get your honeymoon started quickly this gaudy chapel is a good choice next door is the pink Fun City hotel. 2233 Las Vegas Blvd

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Not only will the king himself preside over your nuptials, but here are several themes to choose from here. Disco, rock n roll, gangster, western or even Goth. However, the favourite still seems to be Elvis’s famous blue Hawaii wedding. 1205 Las Vegas Blvd

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel
So you just came to Vegas for a normal, run of the mill wedding? Unusual as it sounds, you can find that Vegas. This nice normal wedding chapel offers the big production, traditional style service. However, if you change your mind and think it’s a bit too normal, head out side ad you can also get the drive through service at a much reduced rate. 800 S. 4 th Street

Cupids Wedding Chapel
If you are heading up the marital bliss path for the second or third time and have extended and mixed families in tow, this chapel specialise in the blended family ceremony. Here ex’s, in-laws children of both couples are invited to participate in the ceremony. Here you can get married and then take all the family to the banquet hall and enjoy the reception. 827 Las Vegas Blvd

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Star Trek: The Experience
The name says it all and definitely only for those well versed in Klingon and fantasise about marrying on the Star trek Enterprise. Las Vegas Hilton, North Strip

Venetian Resort
Don’t want the hassle and expense of going to Italy to get hitched, then you need to bring your beloved to the Venetian Casino. You can share your vows on the replica Rialto Bridge with St Marks as a backdrop, and then swap the limo for a gondola, accompanied of course by a baritone Gondolier. Venetian Resort, Center Strip

Excalibar Canterbury Wedding Chapel
As the name infers it’s medieval all around here, with the costumes to match. There are many wedding packages allowing you to choose a style of wedding and reception that suits your budget. Excalibar Hotel.

Bellagio Wedding Chapels
For a classier sophisticated wedding large or small, Bellagaio is perfect. Small intimate package options can be taken and well as the full wedding regalia. Bellagio

Caesars Palace
Caesars Place motto says it all “Why get married at a chapel, when you can get married at a Palace”



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